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Official Selection 2023

The list of the films that were officially selected for PRIFF 2023. 


AAron With 2 A's (Michael Goldburg)

A Love Worth Fighting For (Toby Fountaine)

Always On Black (Adam Cowie)

A Player's Paradox (Grace Sargeant)

A Tree Once Grew Here (Johnnie Semerad)

Birdsong (Liam Beazley)

Bloodshed (Eva Babington)

Blue Letter (Nina Skriabina)

Born To Ride (Gildas Nivet, Tristan Guerlotté)

Brick Walls (Brandon Forgione)

Bus Driver (Amar Singh Sethi)

Capricorn (Shannon Ama Phelan)

Cloud (Thanos Liberopoulos, Yiannis Margetousakis)

Departure (Takayuki Yoshikawa)

Don't Choke (Sonny Baez)

Emma (Eloïse Guimard)

Enigma (Jessica Orcsik)

Enter The Room (Harry Waldman)

Ex (Paloma Oakenfold)

Ghosted (Declan Smith)

Gloria (Tanguy Pochoy)

God's Whisper (christian charles kotey)

Goldfinch (Samuel Jean Butler)

Harrowed (Aaron A Moore)

Her Castle (Daniel Ellerby)

Heroes of Bronze - The Memory (Martin Klekner)

I Need a Light (Brandon Gates)

Idol In a Strange Company (Minkuen Choi, Yooyoung Koo, Seungyeon Lee)

Into Temptation (Quinn da Matta)

Juan Marine, Between Light And Shadow (Rafael Toba)

Luck Be a Lady (Elliot Stanton)

Lunarcode: The Light (Vincenzo Carubia)

Maripul Defender (Stanislav Puzdriak)

Northern Winds (William Michael O’Driscoll)

Oppenheimer After Trinity (Trent J. DiGiulio, Larry L. Sheffield)

Poise (Luís Soares)

Pripyat (Alicia Hayes)

Samuel (Jack Haynes)

Saving Little John (Mhairi Fenton)

Scherben (Philipp Huster, Dominik Gross)

"Sex" of Death (M. Hadi Jamali, Fakhredin Jamali)

Sidelined (Romain Fleury)

Solitary (Maninder Chana)

Spag Bol (BRICK)

Spitfire Overdue: The Story of Flying Officer Mervyn Wheatley (Paul Haas)

Stoker (Alessandro Onorato)

Survival (Philippe SFEZ)

That's what I'm gonna do (Michaël Theus, Nicolaï Tchetchelachvili)

The Luminaire (Elienai Galeazzi)

The Million Dollar Game (Adam Michael)

The Nautulis Mutiny (Daniel Shehata)

The Prowler (Tanguy Pochoy)

The True Summit (Corban Robbe)

Tundra (Luke De Brún)

Yellow Wallpaper (Ricky Rhodes)

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